The life of John Dooley is rumored to have been the inspiration for both the movie Good Will Hunting and the song Creep by Radiohead. That's impressive range.
Aside from his critically acclaimed writing, John has received accolades for his work in consulting -- both at a personal and professional level.

He has helped countless business professionals advance their careers by aiding them in overcoming their fear of public speaking.

He also consults with start-ups and small businesses, using his Beyond the Box system to help them grow. 
Quick Facts:
- 5'8" and 155 lbs.
- Born 11/14/1986 | South Boston, MA
- USGA Handicap Index: 3.7

Author Of:
- The Thin Blurred Line Series

- Accuracy Not Included: A Trilogy of Lies
- Forget to be Nervous
- Carpe Omnia

"Dooley's work masterfully blends facts with funny." - Colm Feherty, VOX Ireland 

Born and raised in the Irish-Catholic enclave of South Boston, MA (SEE: Good Will Hunting, The Departed, Black Mass), John showed impressive intellectual acumen early in his academic career at St. Peter School. After repeatedly winning nearly every academic award in Southie, he received national recognition in 5th grade (Publication in the National Anthology of Poetry) and global acclaim in 6th grade (Champion of the 1999 Math Olympiad).

In the fall of 1999, he matriculated to the esteemed Boston Latin School, the nation's oldest public school. Upon graduation in 2005, he began his undergraduate studies at Northeastern University, majoring in Finance & Psychology; he graduated Summa cum Laude in 2010. His graduate studies took him to the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, where he earned an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management in 2012. At the behest of his family, he continued his studies across the Atlantic in Ireland, where he received an MSc in Finance with First Class Honours from University College Dublin late in the Summer of 2013.

With his college career finally over, he put his knowledge to work straightaway, founding BLIConsulting in September 2013. Through this Strategic Planning and Business Development consultancy, he was able to assist smaller businesses, struggling against their larger competitors. It was during this early period that he developed his "Paradigms Lost" Business Playbook, which he still utilizes in seminars and private business consultations today.


Age When First Published 
It was at the tender age of 11, while in just 5th grade, that his poem Brevitas, Or Ode to an Unknown Battle was selected for inclusion in that year's National Anthology of Poetry.
Schools from which He Holds Degrees 
After receiving B.S. degrees in Finance & Psychology from Northeastern, he fulfilled a family obligation by attaining a Master's degree from Boston College. To round out his education, he earned an MSc from UCD.
USGA Handicap Index
An avid golfer, as of the end of the 2015 season, he held a USGA Handicap Index of 3.7, indicating a high level of play from an amateur. He is a member of Brookmeadow Country Club and Granite Links at Quarry Hills; he plays 2-4 times per week from April until the first snowfall.